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About the Events

  • Interactive learning, creative video making

  • Create your own theme

  • Your video should be 3 mins max.

  • Use your imagination to achieve your dream!

All applicants will have to decide their own theme, can be something like “HOMEKONG”, “My Dream World”, or any theme that can showoff your imagination. The scoring rubrics will be based on the presentation, creativity, filming techniques, storylines and editing skills.

Applicants can submit their videos through email or upload to Official website, Yesports will post the nominated videos to FACEBOOK page for voting, applicants will be invited for canvassing session during streaming.

All applicants will be awarded a certificate for participating in the YESPORTS KIDFLUENCER contest.

Amazing prizes including Ocean Park or Hong Kong Disneyland 1 Day tickets, Year-pass, family-friendly staycation at Oasis Avenue Hong Kong! All participants will receive $200 worth of Eslite Bookstore voucher, and a chance to become the spokesperson of YESPORTS KIDFLUENCER!

*The content cannot contain politics, violence or nudity, or it will be immediately disqualified.

Event Details

Yesports Kidfluencer Vlogging Competition:

Free of Charge

Yesports Kidfluencer Intensive Course

Professional photographer will teach you the basic techniques of filming, including lighting, angle, shooting, editing and other skills, so that you can get a taste of being an influencer.

Hot deals: HKD$300/3 classes!

Yesports Kidfluencer

Yesports Kidfluencer Vlogging Competition 

Qualification (Deadline: 31st Aug, 2020)

- 6-14 years old


1. Most Likeable Kidfluencer (With most votes) 1 person

2. Best Video (Most commented) 1 person

3. Most Potential (Most shared) 1 person

Scoring Rubrics:
1. Presentation
2. Creativity
3. Filming Techniques
4. Storyline
5. Editing techniques

Application process:
Step 1

Fill in the application form

Step 2

Video making

Step 3

Upload the videos to or email to Yesports

Step 4

Share and invite family and friends to watch your submitted videos


12th Aug

Registration Begins

22nd Aug

Kidfluencer Intensive Courses Begins

5th Sept

Videos submission

13th Sept

Registration Deadline & videos will be posted on FACEBOOK

20th Sept

Contestants’ Canvassing session during streaming

27th Sept

Results Announcement

1-3rd Oct

Award Presentation (TBC)

Terms and Conditions

The winners of Yesports Kidfluencer will be selected on or before October 3, 2020, and will be notified via email/Facebook. In case of dispute, Yesports Media Limited (“Yesports”)’ decision is final and binding.

The submitted works are not limited to videos shot with digital cameras, mobile phones or tablets.

Submitted works must be original works, and the content must not involve plagiarism.

All entries must be created by the participant himself. While participating in the competition, the participant and parents or legal guardians agree and do not violate the agreement with the third party, guarantees that the entry is original, and does not infringe any other individual or entity’s version, trademark rights, personality rights, privacy/publicity rights, and Intellectual property rights, and no third party has any rights, ownership, asserted ownership, or related interests in the entry, and there is no violation of other laws.

The submitted work must not contain any indecent, provocative, defamatory, erotic, violent, racially discriminatory or any other disgusting or inappropriate content. Yesports reserves the right to disqualify the work.

Yesports does not accept submitted works that contain any watermarks. If the participant fails to submit a work without watermark within seven days after Yesports' request, the work will be disqualified for participation.

Yesports reserves the right to inspect the original work/source material to confirm that it complies with the participation rules.



Participants of this event, when deciding to participate, agree to grant Yesports submitted works to copy, disseminate, display, and produce derivatives on any current or future media (including the record of the creator’s name), including but not limited to: public display of the work of the winners of the event, or posting of participating or winning works on the website and social media. Participants agree to authorize Yesports the dispose of the submitted works, and do not claim any infringement of the personality rights of the copyright. When Yesports uses the work in the aforementioned manner, there will be no need to pay additional costs and seek additional consent.



If this event cannot be implemented in accordance with the plan for any reason, such as the spread of computer virus infection, bugs, computer worm, Trojan horse program, service interruption, improper behavior, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical accident, Or any other reason beyond the control of Yesports that infringes or affects the management, safety, fairness, integrity, or operation of the event, Yesports can make independent judgments and eliminate individual participants who try to influence the schedule by improper means, or cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this event.



Participants of this event, when deciding to participate, agree to any claims, losses and losses arising from participating in this event and related activities, as well as accepting, using, misusing, or holding rewards from the event. In case of injury, it is agreed to release, waive, and exempt Yesports’ responsibilities, and to prevent it from suffering any damage due to any claims, losses and injuries. Yesports is not responsible for the following situations: errors, omissions, interference, deletion or loss of data, defects or delays caused by any human operation or file transmission; line failure; submitted works are stolen, damaged or unauthorized access. Yesports is also not responsible for any telephone network or line, computer network system, server and provider, computer equipment and software problems or technical failures, and will not be responsible for any network or website technology or connection, human error , or responsible for the delayed sending and receiving of email messages caused by the combination of the above factors, including the computer equipment of participants and related persons due to participation in this activity, upload or download of related documents generated by or related to this activity The damage caused.


Participants shall be deemed to agree to the provisions of this event. If there are any outstanding matters, Yesports may add explanations or changes at any time. If the event cannot be carried out due to force majeure, Yesports has the right to decide to terminate, change or suspend this event and reserve the right to modify the official content of the event.

Matters not covered by this method shall be handled in accordance with the detailed rules and the contents of the award description. If the relevant regulations and descriptions are inconsistent in Chinese and English, the Chinese shall prevail. Yesports reserves the right to interpret, modify and supplement the content of the participation rules, rules and award descriptions.

Registration Forms

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