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Y.U.e.C's current Head Executive is Sai Minkhant, ann Undergraduate of Department of International Relations, University of Yangon, currently attending Year 4.

He is also taking over the positions of Public Relations Executive, Financial Executive, Human Resource Executive, Legislative Executive, Media Executive and Project Manager of Y.U.e.C together with different managers in different department.

His professional designations include Negotiator, Hypothesis Planner, Publicist, Moderator and Administrator.

He has over 2 years of experience in managing events and organization. Before Y.U.e.C, during 2017, he had led an amateur Dota 2 Team in Yangon whih later was disband. He was also both the captain and manager of that Dota 2 Team.

He was also the lone analyst of Y.U.e.C since its founding date, regarding issues of budgeting, planning, recruiting, etc.

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