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Sabrina Barreto


Sabrina Barreto is a 12 year old performing artist from Toronto, Canada. She loves the arts, is passionate
about singing, songwriting and performing. She also figure skates, draws and plays the piano. She has
attended the 'Laura Cece Vocal and Performance School' for the last 3 years. Prior to this she was a
student of ‘Canadian Idol’ judge, Zack Werner, for 1 year.
She is very proud to have won the Talent contest at her school in 2019. In May 2020 she was a finalist in
the top 5 of the juvenile category of the ‘Long and McQuade singing contest with John Santos’.
Sabrina released her first original song ’Dare to Dream’ (co-written with Laura Cavacece) in June 2020.
This song is extra special because it talks to being strong, getting back up after you fall and living out your
dreams. She wrote it for her friend who was being bullied and it is so relevant to all children these days
that have experienced the same kind of terrible treatment.
Sabrina won the Round 8 of the Nashville, Global Rising Song Contest on July 18, 2020 and was a
finalist in the Super Round of Global Rising Song. Sabrina is currently working with Anthony Wright (from
‘The Launch’ Canada) on writing more original music.
Her song “Warriors” (co-written with Anthony Wright) was released Oct 16, 2020. This song is about being
warriors and fighting for what we believe in, this is her tribute to winning this fight in these trying times that
we are currently living through! Sabrina has 2 more releases for 2020; “I hope you know what you meant
to me” on November 13th, 2020 and “Better without You” on December 11th
 Talent Showcase (CTK School) – May 1, 2017
 Vocal Showcase 2017 (Laura Cece Vocal School) – Nov 25, 2017
 Vocal Showcase 2018 (Laura Cece Vocal School) – Nov 9, 2018
 Journey to the World Stage Fundraiser – Nov 18, 2018
 Talent Showcase (Kids Connection) – May 2019
 Journey to Blackpool Fundraiser – April 27, 2019
 GO Live TV performance – Jan 5, 2020
 Long and McQuade Singing Contest (Oct 2019, February 2020 and May 2020)
 Long and McQuade Singing Contest (Nov 2020)

 Top 5 finalist of the Long and McQuade Singing Contest (Sept 2019 to May 2020)
 Winner of the Round 8 of the Global Rising Song with ‘Dare to Dream’ (18 July 2020)
 Winner of Facebook group (Vocalists and Singers) online vocal competition (Sept 2020)
 Winner in 3rd place of the Open Mic Canada online vocal contest (October 2020)
 Winner of Sing Out online competition held by Center Stage Singing Competitions (Nov 2020)
 Semi-finalist in Long and McQuade Singing Contest (Feb/Mar 2021)

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