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She began to play on records in Cordoba in 1999. Influenced in her beginnings by bands like Depeche Mode, Cristal Method, Portishead, Kraftwerk and DJs like Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox ... She rose to her first steps in 2004 where she took as real his profession and vocation of DJ. The evolution of her style led her to achieve an adaptability to bring her music with great acceptance both in the maistream and in the underground.Although her style was always techno in its purest form, she began to experiment with ceiling sounds and to expand the Groove. that he carried inside. His career in recent years took a turn, managing to share a booth with DJs such as Luis Nieva Diego Cid, Romina Kohn, Violet, Martin Huergo, Cristobal Paz, Andres Oddone, Facu Carri, Carla Tintore, Mariano Dc, Spitfire, Diego Rok, etc.
In addition to having played in the best clubs in Argentina. Half of the time of his career is dedicated to production and little by little he began to gain recognition in cities such as Mendoza, Corrientes, La Rioja, Rosario, Santa Fe, Comodoro Rivadavia, Catamarca, and others where he managed to take his music. . In 2004 he made a European tour where he shared the booth with Paulo Olarte (Liebe, Colombia), Chelo Scotti (Hamburg, Germany), and together with Andres Gonzalez (CBA), where they played together at the GOLDEN PUDDEL club, recognized place where they play. the best world djs, a place of worship. He had his residences in places such as: LA DIVINA together with flor beretta, AREA with gonzalo algue, in club MINI, an afterhours recognized in his city, in 288, club 69 and organizes pop music cycles with bands called Playground. It also has its radio program on URBANA.
He also has a hobby, his small DJ school, where he teaches courses for all those who want to learn to mix. In 2008, with flor beretta, they formed the first female dj duo called MIUSICK, performing back to back and taking their music to repercussion events, and throughout the provinces of the country, playing in the most representative clubs and afters. They also present a show of unique images related to their music. Together they combine their styles: techno and house bringing a lot of Groove to the tracks, an explosive and novel mixture of being two women playing, giving a different presence to the booths.
Today she is one of the female djs with more experience, recognition and presence in the local scene and in Argentina.

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