Cape Town, South Africa

-Maritza Herselman was born on 23 December 1988 in Pretoria. She started at Doringkloof Primary School in 1996. At the end of 2000 her family moved to Cape Town and she completed Gr 6 & 7 at Bellville North Primary School. In 2003 she started at Bellville High School and matriculated in 2007. She has loved singing since she was a child and loves horses.

Singing training:
"I recommend that Maritza get singing training. She is very note-holding." her kindergarten teacher told her parents.
In Gr2 she forms part of the Doringkloof Primary School choir. She also took organ lessons and combined her singing lessons with it for about 2 years.
In 2001, she received singing training from Alma Crous. During this time she performed with her singing teacher at the High Street Theater as a preview for Sonja Haroldt.
From 2002 to 2009, she received singing training at Liana's Vocal Studio. She has won several awards at singing competitions during her time at Liana.
These awards include:
1. Gemini singing competition: 3rd place for the Gospel and Afrikaans categories respectively
2. Star Search: 3rd place for the Pop-Rock category
3. Barnyard Winelands Singing Competition: 3rd place for Gospel category
4. Superstars: Among the Top 150 in the country

After her school career she studied at Cape Town Academy of Music where she took a year course in the following subjects:
1. Guitar
2. Musical Theater
3. Music Theory
4. Voice training

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