-From Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Singer-songwriter, topliner and author from La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-Music genre: Alternative rock, pop-rock, ballads, electronic rock, EDM
-These are some of the musicians and producers I've had the pleasure of writing songs with:
Jonnie Cook, Torbjørn Vagle, Joachim Vagle, TCM Underground (Official), Doc Jon, Matthew Wilson, Dairv Dubbleyew, Louie Showers, The 3 M Group, Delangio, David Hannah, Chris Kinsey, Alexander Yakunin, Rock Flexible, Phil Currie, Share a Cherry, Solar Cloud, Claes Steen, Audiozoo, Xgami, Bret Sinclair, Escaper, DD "Frizzy" van Frits, Valcarcel, Spike Spalding, Elías Alvarez, Simon Reich, Fat Pockets, Colorshapesound, DJ TH!NK, Electro Pup, Anaphi, Calaminus, Ice Requiem, Schwarze Blut, Lee Kelley and John O'Reilly Jr.

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