Taiwanese/ Hong Kong

- born Taiwanese, grew up in Hong Kong
- studied in Canada and recently graduated from University of British Columbia Vancouver
- I’m a designer, I started accepting my own clients at the age of 19
- I design and provide services like logo design, branding design, packaging design, wall mural, poster, banner, promotional, menu design for cafes/restaurants and businesses in the food & beverage field.
- I also do marketing, social media, and food photography for clients
- I have a passion of baking and aim to open my own bakery in the future.
- I have been accepted to Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo Culinary School for Pastry Arts
- I love playing basketball and sports

My clients include:
- 丸作onezo tapioca
- 艋舺雞排 monga fried chicken
- 鮮芋仙 Meetfresh
- 陣Jinya ramen bar
- Hanabusa Cafe
- Cafe De Paris
- Game of Cheese
- HCafe Uncle Tetsu
- 繼光香香雞 J&G Fried Chicken
- Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza

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