Carmine Granato


-From the age of 12 onward he dedicated himself, at different times, to the study of music, singing, piano and acting. From 2009 onward he was engaged in various musical and theatrical productions, among which we recall the experience with the Napoliteatro which saw him part of the cast of the famous musical record "Once upon a time ... Scugnizzi" led by maestro Claudio Brick. In 2012 he was admitted to the “San Pietro a Majella” music conservatory in Naples where he was about to graduate in jazz singing. Among his musical experiences he includes a concert with the American singer Cheryl Porter held in July 2015. He is currently involved in one of his musical projects "Pianoevoce", in a choral project of only voices that takes the name of "Soul six vocal group", in the resident musical of Amalfi which takes the name of "Amalfi musical" which already boasts 250 replicas in that of the arsenals of the Republic and as a teacher of vocal technique.