The Mumbai resident picked up the violin at an early age and well in love with classical music while studying the genre in Delhi School of Music under renowned Violinist Mr. Ivan Rodrick , attending Trinity College, London curriculum and grade eight examinations. Studying the likes of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven to Kreisler, he then collaborated with classical musicians such as ones from Banaras Gharana while playing gigs across India, including a spot in the Delhi Symphony Orchestra. After moving to Australia to pursue an Elder conservatoire Music degree, while studying under Australian Violist and conductor Mr Keith Crellin, he also fell in love with electronic music and started crafting his own sound with the violin dubbed “water music.”

In the meantime, BMeF learned the roots of electronica and has produced ads for major companies as well as the background score for films and web series. BMeF has performed at Australian music festivals; with diverse band collaborations ranging from Rock, Jazz, Electronica, Techno, Avant-garde, Alternate experimental music, including the Fringe festival, Uni Adelaide Music Festival as a part of an electronic music ensemble led by Stephen Whittington