United States

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

My artist name is blu 9. Happy to be in good company 🙂 Based out of Chicago playing and producing techno and house with a classically trained background (violin). Been djing since I was 17, breaks in between ( raise my daughter) and been back full force the past several years and no intention of stopping..
I play across the country and in Europe. Holding several residencies across the city along with a couple of fabulous Chicago ladies on here. Have music released across labels, doing several virtual parties each month and online festivals since everything has been postponed or cancelled. Music doesn't stop because the world needed a pause. I am loving this time. Because now, I can be creative on my own time, instead of pressuring to create. I am also the only artist in Chicago with a Model 1 which, I'm considered an ambassador for. The blue chameleon is at your service lol...somehow got called it and it kinda stuck...