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Cheers everyone! It is again time for the greatest announcement of all times - the fabulous and most exciting “Talent of the Month”! This time, we are super proud to have BekBek be our star of this month, where he is also one of the esports commentators of PUBG Mobile for our Yesports University League Tournaments!

BekBek is an aspiring shout caster that strives for advocating equality in gaming. He strongly believes in the idea that “gaming is for everyone” and it should definitely be a safe space for every individual to be a part of.


Though his journey to become a professional shout caster, was certainly not easy. While he struggles to get gigs, he was criticized by the world whenever he actually gets to be a caster, including his success in being part of an official PUBG Mobile event, the 2021 PMCO Falls Spilt. During this event, he received endless scrutiny from the public’s eye, while many would give up by then, BekBek stays on and even stood tall and high. With his undying determination and immense resilience, he has proved to his haters that he is more than qualified for being a professional esports broadcaster, through having the right attitude in continuous learning and turning criticisms into teachings to grow and to be better.


To pursue his dreams, BekBek has to withstand so many challenges and criticisms. However, with his empowering ideals, coupled with his perseverance to become the person he wishes to be, he has reached his success in becoming an inspiring esports caster.


Stay tuned with us for more updates from him! And keep an eye out for our latest updates for upcoming events featuring BekBek and our other talents!


Halimah Kyrgios (Australia)
Top 20 at "The Voice Australia"


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(Hong Kong)

Street Fighter V Pro-Gamer


Aiman B. Arabain (Philippines)
PUBGM Pro League commentator

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