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Power Project

Hey guys, what’s poppin!? Cheers to a new month and let’s get ready for something dope!! We are pleased to announce our YESPORTS’ Talent of the Month – Power Project!!!

Power Project is a dance group that has started within a group of friends who realised that they all have the same interest which is dancing. At the beginning, they used to dance just for fun and saw dancing as a hobby. The crew gradually developed more passion towards their talent and began to join dance competitions, events, do dance covers and you might have spotted them as the choreographers and dancers for shows and events!

Stop wishing, Start Doing, Find Your Power! POWER PROJECT! Those words are the tag lines from Power Project. They have a Facebook fan page exclusively for the fans to keep up with their recent movements.

Stay tuned with us for more updates from them! Please keep an eye out for our latest updates for upcoming events featuring Power Project and our talents!


Halimah Kyrgios (Australia)
Top 20 at "The Voice Australia"


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(Hong Kong)

Street Fighter V Pro-Gamer


Aiman B. Arabain (Philippines)
PUBGM Pro League commentator