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Rosalie Drysdale is a singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger and producer who performs on stage, television and radio. Rosalie started her performing career at the age of two, singing in her parents’ church.

The Acoustic Grand Piano is her main instrument, which she plays on all of the album tracks, in addition, on selected tracks, she plays the Hammond Organ on her Nord Electro 5HP.

Rosalie is host of the Vision TV show “Time to Sing”, which is in syndication across Canada, on Vision TV, Faith TV, and The Miracle Channel.

She performed the Theme Song “Reach Out Go for Gold” at the opening ceremonies for the 1999 Pan Am Games, which was broadcast live around the World, to an estimated audience of 400 million viewers.

You can watch some of her performances and keep up to date with upcoming events at her website. You can also listen to her music, which is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music, Youtube, Rumble, Facebook and most download and streaming sites Worldwide.

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