Award Winning Singer-Songwriter 🎶
-International Performer 🎸
-Live Performances, Song-Writing, Singing
-Heerraa has also played alongside her sister, Harsha, in many occasions. They even have a band together called Just Give Me A Minute, consisting of their good friend Ernest (the drummer), Harsha (on the bass and backing vocals) and Heerraa (on the guitar and vocals).
-Heerraa is also a full-time Ascendance member together with Karnan, Mathura, Sanadt and Harsha. The 5 of them are reaching out to their generations through various platforms to get youngsters to become more aware of themselves and driven to achieve their hearts' desires.
-A vibrant, energetic performer, Heerraa is exploring the indie scene with her original songs about life, awareness, love and just being happy, to spread joy and brighten up people's day!

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