-Irvine, Scotland
-14 year old singer, guitarist and drummer
-My name is Blair Gilmour. I am 14 years old and love music. I have a varied taste in music, including 21 Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, Tom Walker, Catfish and the Bottlemen and the Beatles.
I have been playing drums for over 5 years, and at the age of 11 I was chosen by Yamaha to play drums for a promotional video at their European headquarters in Milton Keynes. I have also had tremendous gigging success with a band I was a part of, which was a great experience but unfortunately we all had different dreams that we wanted to pursue. I've played for a few artists that needed a drummer - where I've headlined at King Tuts, the Classic Grand and the Barrowlands.
My involvement in a recent band project is providing a great opportunity to play a gig in Glasgow.
I have been playing guitar since January 2019, and started singing, In March, I had my first ever performance at the The Clutha kids song club. I am practicing hard for Party in the Palace and other upcoming gigs.
This journey has sparked a desire to learn other instruments and musical interests - my dream is to make it as a session drummer/musician.
Having music in my life does not only offer a fun hobby, but helps me every day. Playing instruments and singing helps makes my Tourette's more manageable, as it helps me to relax and makes my symptoms (tics) less noticeable to others.
Music has had such an impact in my life, from meeting new people and gaining more confidence in my music and myself.