Bianca Therese Lamprecht from Upper Austria.
She writes my own songs, and she plays guitar and sings.
She recorded her first album "My Place of Healing" on her own and she released it on 7th of March 2021.
Making her own music is essential for me!
It heals her deep wounds and it makes her feels stronger!
It's her way to deal with bad depressions and anxiety attacks she had since she was a little girl!
It's some kind of a therapy to her and it's her place of healing!
The space music opens to her is the place where she can be whatever she wants to be at that moment! Music gives her a warm hug if she needs but it also gives her the opportunity to face her inner monsters without getting lost!
She wants to spread her music, her words because maybe it can help someone else, going through very tough times! Maybe it can make someone else feel less lonely!
To her, Yesports Summer International music fiesta is a great event to bring together musicians from all over the world to celebrate Music!